Folktales From Puerto Rico

Myths, legends, and folktales from Puerto Rico (mainly in the rural areas) are a mix of Taino, West African, and Spanish. There are literally thousands of folktales (many of them variations of different myths) today in the rural areas. The folktales known from cities, such as San Juan, that were Spanish settlements have a more Spanish/European influence. For example, Puerto Ricans have folktales based on the fairy tales Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Bremen Town Musicians, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Folktales available online (translated by Marisa Montes):

The Pesky Goat

The Rabbit and the Tiger

The Song of Coqui

Abuelita Zapatona: Granny Big Shoes

The Animal Band (Puerto Rican version of The Bremen Town Musicians)

List of Puerto Rican Folktales (Under Construction):

Juan Bobo, the sow, and the chicks (Juan Bobo and the Pig)

Juan Bobo and the Caldron

Juan Bobo and the Princess Who Answered Riddles

The Three Brothers and the Marvelous Things

The Bird of Seven Colors

The Woodsman's Daughter and the Lion (Puerto Rican version of Beauty and the Beast)

The Ant in search of her Leg

The Rabbit and the Tiger

Death's Godchild

Perez and Martina

The Chili Plant

The Plumage of the Owl

Lazy Peter and His Three-Cornered Hat

The Three Wishes

The Young Girl and the Devil

The Troubadour and the Devil

The Witch's Skin

The Castle of No Return

Juanito and the King

Count Crow and the Princess

The Three Fairies